Hi! I am Chynna, a fine art photographer from the Netherlands, shooting portraits & delicious food + travels worldwide. I moved away from my beloved hometown Rotterdam (the Netherlands), to a pocket-size studio apartment in the south of England, to pursue a bachelor degree in business.

I enjoy layered cakes, reading novels and oversized jumpers. I’m an outgoing introvert, a hopeless perfectionist, an over thinker, a dreamer, and I tend to take on too much and get overwhelmed easily by my own expectations. But I am very grateful. I like going places and getting lost. I love cold, snappy weather, but I enjoy the summer even more. I am a tea person and a dog lover. I love creating things, photography and drawing.

I picked up my first DSLR camera when I turned 13 years old, I rapidly fell head over heels in love with it and still use the same camera on a daily basis.
Since then, I have been photographing so many amazing moments, people, places… And count myself very lucky to see my dreams come true and to now spend my days doing what makes me happy, to document my life through photographs, travel  and to meet the most beautiful people.

Photography is my tool to show people how I see the world. Full of amazing places, filled with the most loving people and with details telling real stories. My Inspiration comes from nature, traveling and the most important of all: all these stories I get to hear and see day in day out.